The only 100% online divorce: no office visits or court visits required. This website simplifies and streamlines the divorce process so that everything is available and completed online. Every step of the process is completed for you or we assist you with any steps you choose to do yourself.

The website process is easy. You answer simple questions online. The online attorney then prepares all the divorce paperwork for you based on your unique situation and circumstances. The divorce papers prepared are specific to and meet the requirements of your local Alabama Circuit Court.

Upon receipt of the attorney prepared paperwork, you and your spouse can sign and notarize all the documents online with our E-Notary service. If you like, the online attorney can E-File all the paperwork for you. There is nothing to print—no driving to find a notary, coordinating meetings with your spouse to review and sign the paperwork, or trips to the court or the post office to file your paperwork. If you prefer to do some of the work yourself, you and your spouse can print, sign, notarize, and mail the paperwork to the court by following simple instructions.

Alabama requires thirty days (45 days with cases involving minor children) pass after you file your request for divorce with the Circuit Court before the judge can approve it. The sooner you file your official Complaint for Divorce with the court, the sooner the 30 or 45 day clock begins.

Thousands have used our online process. Alabama Divorce Online operates in compliance with the Alabama Bar Association, and uses the official documents of the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts.