Alabama Divorce Online is a 100% online service created to assist you in obtaining an agreed-upon divorce from the Alabama Circuit Court. No court visits or office visits are required. Complete your entire divorce online.

This website simplifies and streamlines the divorce process so that everything is available and completed online. Every step of the process is completed for you. The website process is easy. You answer simple questions online. The online attorney then prepares all the divorce paperwork based on your unique situation and circumstances. The divorce papers prepared are specific to and meet the requirements of your local Circuit Court.

Upon receipt of the attorney-prepared paperwork, you and your spouse will review and approve the documents online. Then, you will meet with an online notary to sign and notarize the documents, and your spouse will do the same. The online notary process can be completed from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with audio and video capabilities. We will then e-file all the paperwork with the Circuit Court.

Our comprehensive online divorce service is offered at a pay-per-step pricing model. This approach allows you to manage the cost of your divorce and the timing of your payments according to your schedule and financial ability. This flexible payment option makes it easier to proceed with your divorce at a pace and budget that suits you.

Our service is broken down into two phases: (1) Case Initiation $195 and (2) Case Finalization $202. The pricing is simple, affordable, and fair. Again, we manage your agreed divorce for you from start to finish. Others simply draft documents that may or may not be sufficient and require you to navigate the court processes and communications with the judge on your own. We do all that for you.

Alabama requires thirty days (45 days in cases involving minor children) to pass after you file your request for divorce with the Circuit Court before the judge can approve it. The sooner you file your official Complaint for Divorce with the court, the sooner the 30- or 45-day clock begins.

We believe that Alabama Divorce Online is the fastest, most affordable, and most convenient way to divorce in Alabama. We know that some people – even attorneys – might tell you that at least one of the parties (you or your spouse) must go to court at least once to get a divorce completed. This is not accurate. We have assisted with completing thousands of divorces for which no court appearance was required. If you and your spouse agree on all issues and are both willing to sign the documents, then you will qualify to use this website to complete your agreed divorce.

AlabamaDivorceOnline.com: it’s fast, affordable, and fair.

Alabama Divorce Online operates in compliance with the Alabama Bar Association and uses the official documents of the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts.