If you qualify, you can save money on your Alabama divorce. The cost of each unique website service is only $99.

If you have reached an agreement with your spouse you can use this website to complete your divorce fast. Alabama requires thirty days pass after you file your divorce petition with the circuit court before the judge can finalize your divorce. The sooner you file your original Complaint for Divorce with the court the sooner the thirty-day clock begins.

Our online process is easy. You answer simple questions online and we prepare your original Complaint for Divorce and Final Judgment for Divorce. We also provide you with detailed instructions on how to mail your divorce case to the appropriate Circuit Court so the judge can finalize your divorce without any court visit by you or your spouse.

We prepare all your paperwork to reflect your agreements with your spouse. Our online interview allows you to answer simple questions about matters such as how you and your spouse will divide any property and debt. If dependent children are involved we ask simple questions that allows you to address child support, visitation and custody. We even calculate child support for you.